NEW RELEASE – October 2, 2017

The Best President the Nation Never Had

A Memoir of Working with Sam Nunn

Published by Mercer University Press
Release Date:  October 2, 2017

Available for Pre-Order at AMAZON or BARNES & NOBLE
(20% discount and free shipping available only from Mercer with code FACEBOOK!)

The Best President the Nation Never Had is an insider’s view of Sam Nunn’s unlikely rise from unknown backbench Georgia legislator to one of the most influential U.S. senators to ever serve, a man known for his exhaustive mastery of issues, who marched ramrod straight to an ethical standard second to none.

The Best President the National Never Had is for young people who aspire to political office. It will be a primer for developing the discipline and ethical standard required to earn the public’s trust.  For political junkies who follow every nuance of Georgia politics, it will be a revealing read. And for those who witnessed or supported Nunn’s rise from political unknown to statesman of international repute, it will be an opportunity to again feel the pride one felt when he was first elected to the Senate in 1972.


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