The Seventh Messenger

A Novel
By Roland McElroy


buynowcc-blue-smallIsolated and far from prying eyes on the mainland, a new kind of narcissist named James Strang crowns himself king and declares Beaver Island a sovereign nation. Polygamous marriages, confiscated property, public floggings, and even rape are all Look inside button-tinypart of life on Beaver Island after King Strang arrives in 1848 and sets up his own brand of Mormonism.

A hundred years later, a young Saint Louis socialite named Abby Finlay hears all the stories about King Strang during summers spent vacationing with her family in Charlevoix, just sixteen miles from Beaver Island, never suspecting she had any connection to King Strang.  And why should she?

On a humid summer afternoon in 1954, the Post Office delivers a letter to Abby’s doorstep, a letter that had been lost in the postal bureaucracy for a decade.  The heavily stained envelope contains a message from her fiancé, absent since the D-Day invasion. Hoping her fiancé is alive and waiting for her, she makes an urgent trip to be reunited with him in Charlevoix, the place, after all, where they fell in love.

Her journey to find her fiancé forces her to confront the agonizing truth of her own past. Beneath the surface of her Camelot perfect world, transgressions, long hidden, burble like a simmering caldera, waiting for that certain awful moment to erupt and rip apart Abby’s life.  And just when she’s at her most vulnerable, The Seventh Messenger enters her life, threatening to pull her into his surreal world.

“…the plot is unique, irresistible and quite fun.” –Maria Josey,

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Published January 2014.  ISBN 978-0-9673917-3-1