Portal and Other Tales


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Astrophysicist Dr. Adele Abrahamson has studied hundreds of energy vortices around the Earth, and concluded that at one or more of them, if stimulated properly, will open a portal to higher dimensions. Most of her colleagues have dismissed her experiments as “pure fantasy.” She must combine the vibrating energy of Earth with Earth’s magnetic field. In addition, the resulting amplified energy of unknown amperage must be focused on one energy vortex. At least one colleague has warned her that an uncontrolled amount of energy at any of the known energy vortices around the globe could be fatal to anyone standing in close proximity to the portal.

Undaunted, Dr. Abrahamson persuaded a wire reporter to accompany her on the experiment. She chose a reluctant James Maloney, a childhood friend and beat reporter for Associated Press stationed in Egypt. Although they haven’t seen each other in more than twenty years, reporter James Maloney harbors a deep but unrequited affection for Adele.
The experiment begins at Khufu’s pyramid in Giza, already believed to be a possible portal itself. But first, they must stabilize the resonant frequency of Earth.

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Three bonus stories are included with this book from different genres.

Crossroads, a story of complete fiction,was captured on an almost clean napkin while the author was enjoying his favorite dark roast coffee at the Last Drop café, surrounded by friends who share his addiction to caffeine—and at least one CIA spy.

Cocoon is a brief episodic memoir drawn from the author’s early years of growing up in a small Southern town, which, in his youth, was stuck in the mid-19th century and, in many ways, is mired up there.

Six, At Last, originates in a series of strictly happenstance events that occurred in the first six years of the author’s life. It is, indeed, a miracle that he lived to see his sixth birthday.