Pilgrims and Pioneers – Always

A History of Lewinsville Presbyterian Church


lpc-book-stackPilgrims and Pioneers – Always begins with the founding of a little church on the rural Virginia countryside outside Washington in 1846 and follows its tumultuous growth from seventeen members to a large suburban church of nearly 1,000 by the mid-1980s.

Lewinsville Presbyterian Church suffered many setbacks over the years, none worse than the Civil War which separated families and decimated church membership.  The church always recovered to continue its ministry.  It escaped abandonment when the trolley chose a path through McLean, bypassing the small community of Lewinsville altogether.  Even the Great Depression and two world wars could not discourage the faithful of Lewinsville. Their ministry was inward focused in the early years but now extends beyond the local community to remote outposts across the globe.

This is not a cold re-telling of the tale; rather, a story that reveals church history through the Christian vitality of its mission oriented members.

Published October 2013.  ISBN 978-0-9673917-8-6